Uncovering Your True Potential





"Everton's talent doesn't lie only in helping me to figure out my goals and gently guiding me in the right direction, step by step he makes me believe I can actually reach those goals. He gives me hope, then proves to me through my own experiences that hope can become reality. For a person like me, who wasn't born with a lot of self-confidence, this is huge."


"Everton has definitely helped me on my journey to get unstuck and unlock dreams to live my life. Everton help me make significant changes in my focus, attitude and motivation. Which help me with my career change. Everton has helped me move forward with my live and has been an excellent resource for new ideas."


"Everton really help me to go after my dreams. He help me stay focus, provided me with great insight, and kept me committed toward my goals. Everton has help me take action and get out of my comfort zone. My self-awareness has grown and has allowed me to become a much more effective person and leader."


"Having Everton as a coach really helped me to works toward living my dreams. I would not be the person I am today. Been on this journey I can say that it has been challenging however having Everton has my coach helped me with my confidence, be more focused and precise in defining my short as well as long term goals. Everton is the type of person who a listening ear, very intuitive and supportive. Thank you for helping a girl to make her mark.

Sarvesh 09/15/17
Everton was great to work with. He was able to guide me in my job search experience and offered great advice. Definitely a mentor in every sense of the word.

Sheral 07/12/17
Everton listened very well and offered information that I find extremely refreshing and helpful for my job search. The follow-up plan was detailed and I think helps me feel less aimless in my search.

Priyanka 06/07/17
Everton did an excellent job of listening to my situation and making several suggestions to serve as next steps in my career search.

Damian 04/04/17
Everton is a great coach. I immediately felt comfortable talking with him because he is knowledgeable and he seemed to really have my best interest at heart. I'm very excited to continue working with Everton in the future, and ultimately reaching my goals.

Kyle 03/09/17
Everton has a very passionate and personable. He truly listens to what it is that you have to say and does all he can to provide positive and encouraging feedback. He also shares thoughtful and real-life experiences from his own journey to better aid in finding a solution to your own career roadblocks

Jennifer 12/11/16
Everton is a good listener. He help me figure out what I wanted to do in my Career.

Mark 10/17/16
Everton has helped me move forward in my career as a leader and has been an excellent resource for new ideas